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What Are You Tolerating?

I work for a company during the week and I often make deliveries to the customers back yards.  Many times these customers have dogs.  Recently at one particular house, I opened the gate and two small dogs greeted me as they always do.  These dogs were more of a nuisance than anything else.  They were yelping and barking and nipping at my pants.  I ignored them and didn't think anything about it until one of them decided to bite me! That was it! I had had enough! I shook the dog off of my leg and yelled "get out of here!"  The two dogs went whimpering off with their tales tucked between their legs.  After I got back into my truck, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, "WHAT YOU TOLERATE WILL NEVER CHANGE."  I had tolerated those dogs many times before, but when I finally had had enough I told them to "get!"

How many times do we as believers "tolerate" what the devil is throwing at us?  We have the authority in the name of Jesus to tell him to "get", but we don't do it.  Many times we not only tolerate sin, poverty, addiction, strife, depression, etc., but we also become friends with it. We become used to it and allow it to become what the Bible calls a mountain or a stronghold (2 Cor.10:4). 

Isn't it time to use your authority as a believer In Christ and tell the mountains to move?  In Mark 11:23, Jesus told us that He has given us the authority to move our mountains.  What are you waiting for?  Remember -- what you tolerate will never change.  It's time to shake some things off and tell the enemy to "get" in the name of Jesus!

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