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Bless Your Road

​Years ago, my husband and I purchased some property that had not been cleared.  The pit run for the road had been laid but had not been smoothed out.  We had dreams of working on the property and making something beautiful out of it.  Little did we know how much work it would really take, not to mention the cost involved!

The vehicle we were driving at the time was only a few years old and I was very worried about driving on that rough road every day to get in and out of my house.  I did not want my nice vehicle to start falling apart!  I would gripe and complain going out of the long road and I would gripe and complain coming home.  If not out of my mouth, I certainly did in my heart!

One beautiful sunny Louisiana afternoon, I pulled out onto that road as usual and began to complain.  In that moment, I heard the Lord speak.  It was as if the Lord shouted with a loud voice (as He probably had to in order for me to hear Him over my own griping!) and this is what He said:

“Bless Your Road.  If you would begin to speak blessings over what you do have with a heart of thanksgiving, then I could give you what you don’t have.  Thank me for this road and the roads to come.”

Praise God for His love and mercy!  I am so thankful for His loving-kindness that is better than life.  I am so thankful that He interrupted my complaining to teach me His ways.  My lips truly began to praise Him!  "I will bless the Lord at all times, His praise shall continually be in my mouth!"  Psalm 34:1

I received revelation from the Lord that day that radically changed my life!  Within just a few months of changing my attitude, the Lord turned my situation around.  I chose to obey His instructions, not only with my mouth but also with my heart.  What have you been saying about your road?  Have you been speaking words of cursing or blessing over your life?  Begin to praise Him and let His Word work in you today.  Be encouraged in the Lord as you begin to walk in His victory and bless your road!

Glad Tidings Church

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