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REAL Peace !

Every election cycle in our nation we hear politicians make all kinds of promises.  We hear how they will bring peace and prosperity to our lives and communities. When we turn on the news we see war and terror around the world and even in our own backyard.  As a culture, we have become a "blame and shame" society.  We blame someone for everything.  One political party blames the other.  One race blames the other.  One country blames the other.  One neighbor blames the other and one spouse blames the other. 

The real problem, however, is the same problem mankind has dealt with from the beginning of time.  The heart of the human problem is the problem of the human heart.  People ask "where do we find real peace?" and everyone has a different opinion of the answer.  People look in many places to find "peace."  Some turn to work or money.  Others turn to drugs or alcohol.  Some put there hopes for peace in leaders, governments and organizations.

Romans 3:17 says, "And the way of peace have they not known."  What is this "way of peace?" Actually it is not a program or philosophy, but a Person!  Isaiah 9:6 calls Jesus the "Prince of Peace."  The word "peace" in Isaiah is the Hebrew word "Shalom".  It literally means... completeness, soundness, welfare, nothing missing, nothing broken, peace.
The Bible gives the actual definition of "peace" not as the absence of conflict, but as the presence of the "Prince of Peace."  Ephesians 2:13-18 shows how Christ literally became our real peace. He is the one that brought healing between God and man and brings healing to each heart that will put their faith in Him. 

​Stop looking to the world for peace, answers, and healing. They can't give what they don't have! Only the Prince of Peace can give true, lasting peace and healing to a heart and life!  Parents, children, leaders, presidents, police officers, managers, husbands and wives will all let you down at times.  The truth is, you yourself will let others down at times as well!  The only way to have true and lasting peace in your life is through a relationship with the Prince of Peace. To be a "prince" means you are royalty -- you are in charge!   Why not look for peace (shalom) from the One that is in charge of it?   Look to Jesus and His Word today -- Lift your voice and call on His name and pray!  Take your expectations off of the wrong people and place all of your expectations squarely on the Prince of Peace today!

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